Educational Experiences

Liberty High School
Liberty High School
My first Field Experience at Moravian College was at Liberty High School.  I was in Mrs. Colom's 9th-12th grade ESL, or English as a Second Language class, in which I was able to work with students who had various levels of academic and language abilities.  This was my first time in a classroom, and it was a very new, yet exciting opportunity for me.  I myself had just recently been a High School student, but the comfort of being back in the classroom helped reaffirm my love for teaching and helping others.

My second field experience was in Mrs. Stine's third grade class at Calypso Elementary School.  While I am not planning on becoming an Elementary School teacher, I very much enjoyed my time with the students there.  At this school, I was able to act as almost a one-on-one tutor with a little boy who had just moved to the United States from Puerto Rico 3 weeks prior and had little knowledge of the English language.  I liked being able to help him with class assignments and activities, and found that we both learned a lot from eachother!
Calypso Elementary School

Calypso Elementary


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