Educational Links

Paul Zindel
Paul Zindel
This website is a fantastic source for information on the contemporary writer Paul Zindel and his literary works.
William Shakespeare
This website is a helpful tool when studying the works of William Shakespeare.
Modern Language Association
This website contains guidelines for how to format an MLA style paper.
Son of a Citation Machine
                of a Citation Machine
This website had helpful information on how to properly format citations.
Beautiful Word
This website is a great way to create word collages!
Poetry and
This website is very helpful when studying poetry.
Public Speaking Tips
Public Speaking Tips
This website contains great tips for public speaking!
Rap The Canterbury Tales
This website brings Chaucer's Canterbury Tales to life in a new light via the musical form of rap.
Creative Writing Prompts
Prompts for Writing
This website contains great writing prompts to help your creative juices get flowing!

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