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Cool Math4Kids

Cool Math 4 Kids
This is a great place for students to practice math while playing fun games. They won't even know they are learning!  There are a vareity of different games that students can interact with and some even offer a real world experience. 
Math Playground
Math Playground
This math website offers students a place to play math games, solve word problems and logical puzzles, and watch some educational videos about  math.
A+ Math
A Plus Math
A+ Math is a place where there is not only games, but there are a number of student resources available.  These resources include flashcards, various worksheets, and a homework helper.
Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye
Bill Nye the Science Guy is a scientist that has made a lot of entertaining science videos for students to watch.  He approaches science in a way that makes it interesting and fun.  This websites offers a variety of videos, articles, and many other available resources.
Funology-"Weird Science"
Funology is a webpage that gives a number of experiments for students to do in sujects that include, physics, chemistry, and biology.  It also has a place where you can do experiments that have to do with whether and a place that gives you ideas of things you can do during different seasons.
Science Monster

Science Monster
Science Monster is a very fun and interesting website for kids.  On the home page the topics include something called I just Discovered..., earth science, tech, our solar system, physics, genetics, plants, chemistry, and some more as well.  After you click on one of these they are broken down even further (Example: Earth science-Layers of the earth, volcanoes, world watch, and virtual globe).
National Geographic
National Geographic for kids
National Geographic is a great website for students to use.  They can research many great topics using this website and it is an exellent resource for them to use!
50 States
50 States
This website is for geography purposes.  It gives a list of all the states in the United States and when you click on one if lists a bunch of information and facts about that state.
Geognos-World Countries
This website offers students a global experience.  There is a bunch of
information of every country.  It also talks about the people, government, economy, and history of each country.

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