Educational Experiences

School Observed:
Freedom High School
School Location:
Bethlehem, PA
Student Socioeconomic Information:
Freedom's student population comes from a variety of backgrounds. Students come from high, middle, and low economic backgrounds.
Student Intellectual Abilities:
The students that I observe are comprised of a wide range of intellecutal abilities. Freedom no longer uses the old track system, which was made up of applied, academic, honors, and advanced placement levels. They have now combined the applied and academic tracks, into a track called "academic," which is the class I have been working with. This creates a challenging environment for teachers because in the same class, some students have low-level intellecutal ability and some are boarderline honors students. Dealing with this variety in the classroom has helped me develop lesson plans that utilize individualized instruction. 
Lesson Plans Used:
10th Grade Academic World History - Human Migrations
9th Grade Academic U.S. History - What is History? Timelines and Oral Histories


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