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The Victorian Web- This site focuses on the history, culture, and literature of the Victorian era. The presentation is clean, direct, and indexed. Information is easily accessed and incredibly detailed.
Women Writers- As a timeline of writers who were female, this site is peerless. The historical information is detailed and precise, while remaining vastly inclusive; the site provides a comprehensive history of women writers. The text moves beyond simple chronological presentation, and allows users to read full works.
Restoration and Eighteenth-Cent. Literature- The information presented here is highly biographical, providing users with an understanding of both the authors and the era following the restoration of the English crown. While access to online works by representative authors is available, the detail and clarity of the biographical portions of the site draw primary focus.
Middle English Dictionary- This resource allows users to search the database for definitions of Middle English vocabulary that has fallen out of use. The additional search formats are helpful: one allows searches by phrase, while another narrows the search to quotations from specific texts.
Guide to Rhetorical Devices- This handbook features extensive material, clear language, and a user-friendly interface. The explanations of rhetorical devices make liberal use of examples, aiding in the understanding of the terminology.
Writing About Literature- This site, run by Purdue University, is immensely helpful for scholarly essay composition. High-school students and college students alike can utilize this source. Information is conveyed in clear, user-friendly terms that aid understanding.
MLA Formatting Guide- MLA formatting is essential to the student of literature. The importance of essay formatting is often underestimated; this MLA guide can ensure clarity in formatting and accuracy to the standard, which will aid any English student in the development of a sound research paper.
What is a Scholarly Source?- Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of research projects for students is the identification of credible sources. This site breaks down the criteria for a "scholarly" source in terms that any student can comprehend, and the format of the discussion is user-friendly.
Proper Comma Usage- The comma has posed more grammatical issues for writers than any other punctuation mark. This site tackles the issue of proper comma usage with liberal inclusion of examples, explanatory passages, and exceptional rules.

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