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Hanover Elementary
Middle Prep Literacy Academy

Mrs. Lawrence

Grade 5

I taught several lessons during my early field at Middle Prep Literacy Academy. I did full group lessons as well as small guided reading groups. Mrs. Lawrence helped me develop my skills as a pre-service teacher.

Guided reading lesson at Middle Prep Literacy Academy
Scary Story Poster Projects
Hanover Elementary

Mrs. Schwartzman

Grade 5

This was my first field experience. I thoroughly enjoyed fifth grade, and I had a fantastic time working with Mrs. Schwartzman. She truly helped me discover my passion for teaching.

William Penn Elementary

Miss Madison

Grade 3

I enjoyed working with Miss Madison and her third grade class. I experienced a variety of subjects while there including reading and science. Miss Madison let me get involved with the students and their Thanksgiving play which was a lot of fun!

Educational Experiences