Educational Experiences

Marvine Elementary School


At Marvine Elementary I observed two third grade classes.  The teachers demonstrated enthusiasm in teaching everyday. I learned about classroom management and time management. I assisted with classroom activities and motivated students to perform their best.
Calypso Elementary School


One of my favorite educational experiences was at Calypso Elementary School. Here I observed a fifth grade class and during this experience I became more convinced that I would love to teach fifth grade. These students are in the transition from elementary school to middle school and it's something so wonderful for a teacher to see and experience.
Northeast Middle School


At Northeast Middle School I observed sixth and seventh grade classes. These students were full of so much energy and these teachers used this energy in a positive way to enhance their learning experiences. It was great to see how going from one classroom to another, students are able to become familiar with different teaching styles.
Bethlehem Area School District

I am currently a substitute para-professional for the Bethlehem School District. I look forward to all the experiences this position will allow me to have in the classroom.

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