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I grew up near Doylestown, Pennsylvania and attended Central Bucks School District.  As a student, I excelled in school and enjoyed most subjects, especially science.  While attending school and observing my teachers, I decided that I too would like to be a teacher.  As a result, I decided to attend Moravian College to obtain a Middle Level Teaching Certification and a Bachelor's Degree in science.  At Moravian, I was put into real classrooms from my first semester onward.  I got the opportunity to work with many students and teachers who taught me how to be the most effective teacher I can be.  As my teaching skills improved, I got the opportunity to become a part of Kappa Delta Pi, the international Honor Society in Education.  Participating in this association helped me refine my teaching skills as well.  This confirmed that I had chosen the right career path for me.


I have many passions in addition to teaching.  I am very artistic and enjoy painting, drawing, singing, and writing.  I have been interested in these activities ever since I was a young child drawing animals and singing along with the radio.  As I got older, I had multiple paintings exhibited in art shows near my hometown.  I was also a part of my school chorus and had poetry appear in the school newspaper.

Being outdoors is another interest of mine.  I enjoy running, volleyball, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, gardening, and many other activities.  As a child, I participated in Our Lady of Mount Caramel Church's track and field team.  As I got older, I began sprinting and long jumping for my school.

During the spring, summer, and fall, I work at Solly Brother's Farm in Ivyland, Pennsylvania.  This is my family's farm and it has been very important to me my entire life.  In addition to farming the land and working in the farm market, I have had many opportunities to work with children through working on my farm.  In the spring for the weekends before Easter, I run a children's arts and crafts station and lead children in making Easter bunny crafts before they go on an egg hunt.  In early summer, I lead farm tours for school groups who visit the farm on field trips.  I lead them through several interactive lessons as they learn about running a farm, growing plants, eating healthy, and caring for farm animals.  Later in the summer, I lead a small summer camp aimed at educating and interesting young students in farming and agriculture.  During weekends in late September and October, I lead a children's station at the farm's Fall Festival.  At this station, I run a moon bounce, pumpkin painting station, corn maze, and face painting station all at the same.  As a result, I am excellent at multitasking!



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