apple Teaching Experience

William Penn Elementary School,
Bethlehem PA

5th Grade-Ms Kearns

This was my first teaching experience at Moravian College.  It allowed me to experience what it was like to work in a classroom.  The school has an open concept design, as a result there are no walls between the classrooms.  This provided great experience in figuring out how to keep students attention when there are many distractions.

Miller Heights Elementary School,
Bethlehem PA

4th Grade-Ms Walker

This experience gave me the opportunity to work with a very diverse group of students.  This class was very diverse both in the students learning levels and cultural backgrounds.  As a result, it provided excellent experience in working with many different kinds of students.

Asa Packer Elementary School,
Bethlehem PA

4th Grade-Mrs. Murphy

In this experience, I worked with a very diverse class which included many special education students.  This was a wonderful experience because it challenged me to think about how to teach material in many different ways and for students on many different levels.


Broughal Middle School,
Bethlehem PA
6th Grade-Ms Adams

This was my first experience in a middle school.  The different set up and schedule of working in a middle school was a great experience because it gave me a feel for the different settings my certification would allow me to work in.

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