Educational Experiences

Hanover Elementary School
Hanover Elementary School was my first ever experience field experience and there was no better way to start than in Kindergarten. I was paired with Mrs. Masemore and I really appreciate her for taking me under her wing and allowing me to get my feet wet in the educational field.
James Buchanan Elementary School
At James Buchanan I was paired with Mrs. Millheim in a 5th grade classroom. The adjustment from Kindergarten to 5th grade allowed me to really see the large spectrum of the elementary certification. I taught my first lesson as a field student on a smart board and realized ow mature 5th grade students could be.
james buchanon
Fountain Hill Elementary School
At Fountain Hill elementary school I was paired with Mrs. Skrapits in a 3rd grade classroom. This field experience was my pre-student teaching I taught eight lessons: created an interactive learning center, assessment tools, and learning games. I would like to thank Mrs. Skrapits fro wonderful advice and sending me away with so much more experience than when I came.
Asa Packer Elementary School
At Asa Packer I was paired with first grade teacher Mrs. Krenz. Although this was only an observation I taught lessons and was very involved in the classroom, enough so that I was invited back to do my student teaching there! To say the least this section will be expanded after I complete my student teaching.

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