My Educational Experience

  Experience at Moravian 


Moravian Academy Lower School: My first field experience was at Moravian Academy. I was placed into Mrs. Carter’s first grade classroom. Throughout this experience, I was able to work with the first graders on their homework and help them complete deskwork. While at Moravian Academy, I helped the first graders design personal PowerPoint slides pertaining to a certain story they read. Overall, my experience at Moravian Academy was excellent. Although I am a Secondary Education Major, I loved working with the children.

Miller Heights Elementary: My experience at Miller Heights was extremely similar to the one at Moravian Academy. At Miller Heights, I was placed into Mrs. Ternosky’s first grade classroom. Different from my first experience, I helped the students with their reading. I taught the children about phonetics and helped them apply the theories while reading. In this classroom, I could not ask for better-behaved children. They were always so polite and a pleasure to work with.


Nitschmann Middle School
: Nitschmann was my first experience working with secondary students and it was amazing. I was placed into Mrs. Oliver’s six grade class. Every morning, the students would work on reading. They would break up into groups and I would be in charge of a reading group. I was able to generate questions pertaining to the text and apply corresponding literary concepts. By far, this was my favorite experience. I felt I could truly connect with the students and help them excel in the classroom.

Other Educational Experiences

During the summer of 2010, I worked at a summer camp in Washington D.C. At Headfirst, I worked with six and seven year olds. Throughout the day we would read, play sports, go on nature walks, and complete arts and craft projects. Aside from Headfirst, I tutored a seven year old. I helped him with phonetics once a week. We mostly focused on the long and short vowel sounds. Even though I was working with elementary aged students, I enjoy working with any student of any age. Teaching is my passion; it does not discriminate on age.

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