Elementary School

My first experience took place at Freemansburg Elementary School in a fifth grade classroom.  In this class, I worked with a lot of students on an individual and small group basis.  I was responsible for teaching one lesson about Paul Revere and although the students were not as receptive as I'd hoped for, I learned a lesson about teaching that day.  I found it is imperative to be flexible within your lesson and if the students are not responding to what you are asking them, simply ask in a different way.  It is quite possible that they simply don't understand what you're asking.  It is also imperative to be prepared and fully understand the content in which you will be teaching to the class.

Farmersville Elementary

My second experience took place at Farmersville Elementary School in a Learning Support classroom.  In this class, I assisted the learning support teacher with lessons and tasks around the classroom.  I also spent time in a second grade class, assisting students with their classwork, reading books aloud to them, and conducting spelling tests.  I also spent time in a third grade class, assisting students again with classwork as needed.  I did not have as much contact with the students in this experience as I hoped for, however; it was a learning experience to witness all of the different I.E.P.'s as well as the range of students who are referred to learning support. 

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