An Allentown native, I have attended two schools within the city.  From kindergarten through eighth grade (1995-2004), I attended Sacred Heart Regional School and then moved on to become a Canary at William Allen High School.  At Allen, I was an honors student, completing many honors and AP courses.  Among the many classes I completed in high school were four classes of science, art, and Spanish as well as a half year of journalism.  I greatly enjoyed my time at Allen, especially playing frisbee for the school’s Ultimate Frisbee club and participating in the many events supported by National Honors Society, including volunteering time to work with Allen’s special education students.  I graduated twelfth of approximately eight hundred students from Allen in 2008 with a GPA above 4.3.

The summer after graduating from high school I began to work at Advanced Dermatology Associates, Ltd. in Allentown.  Over my two years there, I have had several jobs within the medical records department, including my current job, scanning patients’ charts into a computer system.

In August of 2008, I began my college career at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA as a biology major and secondary education minor.  I am currently in between my sophomore and junior year and among the 21 classes I have had, I have taken four biology classes, two chemistry classes, two Spanish classes, and five education related classes (for education field experience information, see Educational Experiences page).  I will continue my studies at Moravian over the next two years and graduate in May 2012.

Over the past few years I have accomplished and done a few neat things not directly related to school.  Back in the summer of 2007, I won a national contest supported by the United States Boomerang Association for the best boomerang design.  Not only did the boomerang look good, but it functioned nicely as well.  I made the winning boomerang, among a dozen others, as part of my high school graduation project.  As a result of winning the contest, I was asked to write an article for Many Happy Returns, the official newsletter of the USBA, which was my first published composition.

After having two articles published in “The Canary”, William Allen High School’s newspaper, my last major published composition was a poem I wrote in Spanish in the Spring of 2009.  The poem, titled “El Aliento Que Te Llevaste”, was published in Babel, a literary journal supported by the foreign language department at Moravian College.

I am very devoted to doing my best at school and work, but when free time comes up, I am just as energetic to make good use out of the extra time.  I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, skateboarding and biking, throwing boomerangs, going to IronPigs games, and much more.  I hope to be able to be part of clubs at the schools I teach relating to frisbee, boomerangs, skating, and/or science and nature.

All in all, I look forward to my future as a secondary school biology/science teacher.  I cannot wait to play the role my past teachers did in educating and inspiring students of all ages.  If you have any questions relating to my above personal information or wish to know anything else about me, please contact me.

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