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Growing up I watched my older sister become an elementary school teacher and I have some of the best memories of going to visit her at school and help her out.  I really think that watching her and seeing how much the children just loved her and responded to her has inspired me to want to be a teacher so that I can help children and really have an impact on their lives. In middle school and high school, I volunteered my time helping at the community library by reading stories and putting on puppet shows at the Summer Reading Program for kids. The Weatherly Library is made up of all volunteers and the program is done completely for free.  The kids come every couple weeks in the summer and listen to stories and do arts and crafts. I am always amazed at the incredible turnout at this program and I think it's great that kids are still excited to learn even over the summer.  I also was a student teacher for summer dance and theater camps.  I was a chaperone for the Kindergarten park trip and in high school I tutored first graders in their computer class.
william penn
My first field experience was with Mrs. Muth and her Kindergarten class at William Penn Elementary School.  This experience has taught me so much.  I really enjoyed working both one on one and in groups with all of the kids and they were a really great class.  I found it very interesting to see how they improved over the three months that I was working with them and Mrs. Muth is a great example and role model for me to watch.  I love how she incorporated her love for music by playing the piano for the kids to sing songs.  I loved reading stories to the class, helping them with their work and even playing at recess! I feel very fortunate to have had this experience.

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