Educational Links

Math Links
Math Dictionary Math dictionary The Math Dictionary for Kids is an animated, interactive math dictionary that explains up to 600 math words in a way that kids will understand.
Cool Math
cool math
A great site for practicing math for Elementary and Middle School students.
Kids Numbers
math for kids Kids Numbers is a free math resource created by teachers for students of all ages to practice math.

Science Links
Science News for Kids
science news
Science News for kids is a good site for research for science related projects and papers.  The article archive is a very good way to find articles to use as reliable sources.
Science Kids
science symbol
Science Kids brings science and technology together in a fun and exciting way! Students can explore an array of facts, quizzes and videos.
Brain Pop!
Brain Pop
Brain Pop is a great site for kids because it explains harder to understand topics in a more kid-friendly way. There also links to other subjects and good informational movies.

History and Social Studies Links
Kids Past
Kids Past
Kids Past is a fun way to explore history.  This site contains articles from early man all the way to recent historical events.
History Detectives
history detectives
PBS Kids lets kids become "detectives" and explore scenes of major historical events. This is a great way to have fun and learn at the same time!
Social Studies
Game Station

game station
The Social Studies Game Station offers free educational games for grades K-12.

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