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I first fell in love with the Spanish-speaking world when my high school Spanish teacher brought a group of approximately twenty students with her to Spain. When I set foot in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor in the rosy light of the setting Spanish sun, I was hooked. I learned on that short trip that foreign language is not just a series of nouns and verbs to string together, but rather a lens through which to see the world.

I decided to study Spanish at Moravian College. I spent four happy years there, delving into the Spanish language with Moravian’s knowledgeable and supportive faculty, culminating in a travel seminar to the U.S.-Mexico border to study the complex relationships that exist there. After studying abroad in the Spanish city of Alicante and acting as president of the Spanish Club, I was thrilled to accept the Irving S. Amrhein Prize for distinguished work in Spanish as a foreign language.

My love of foreign language has not abated, though! I continue to explore opportunities to learn and grow, including completing a Master’s degree at the Universidad of Alcalá de Henares, spending a summer in Sevilla (which I plan to repeat this year), and teaching English to adult students from all over the world. Who knows where the next adventure will lead!  





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