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    My name is Martha Giesler. I am currently a Junior at Moravian college. I am a Mathematics major getting my secondary education certificate. I was born in Richmond, Virginia, but my parents moved to Bethlehem, PA when I was about 1 year old, so Bethlehem is pretty much all I know! The city of Bethlehem is very important to me. I went to Lincoln Elementary School, Northeast Middle School, and Liberty High School, so I am very acclimated with the Bethlehem Area School District. I was in the Grenadier Band at Liberty, which was a fantastic experience for me. I played the trumpet and got to march in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, march in Disney World, and play with the massed bands at Fortissimo in Canada. Also at Liberty, I was on the volleyball team. Doing all of these activities as well as being an honors student, really taught me a lot about responsibility, discipline, and time management.


  Family is very important to me. My parents have really shaped who I am today and have encouraged me to do the best in every single thing I am involved in. I have an older brother, Andrew, and he has a wife, Amy, and familytwo children, Addison and Michael. I really look up to Andrew and Amy and love my niece and nephew!

    I have attended Camp Hope Conference & Renewal Center since age 5, and now that I am older I volunteer my time to counsel and lead music for the Junior High group every summer. It is so fulfilling to be a role model to these amazing kids. I am also on the Camp Hope Board of Directors that oversees important happenings at the camp.

  Before attending Moravian College, I went to Chatham University for one semester. Chatham is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Talk about culture shock! I really loved Pittsburgh because I got the "big city" feel without being in a huge city like New York or Philadelphia. While at Chatham I played on the volleyball team. Playing a collegiate sport is so difficult because it requires so much traveling along with actually being in college. It was such a fun experience, though.

    I ended up coming to Moravian for many reasons. Being away from home was very difficult for me. My Great-Grandmother, Grandfather, Mom, Dad, and brother have all gone to Moravian, and my dad used to be the Chaplain at Moravian. Moravian College is in my blood! They tried to convince me for years to attend Moravian and after many years of resisting, I finally gave in. I couldn't be happier with my decision though.

    Moravian has really prepared me to be a teacher. Looking back on all my schooling, I have had some fantastic teachers who have really shaped who I am today. It is my only hope that someday I can have an impact on students and teach them the importance of education.

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