Educational Experiences

Nitschmann Middle School
Bethlehem, PA
Spring 2012

I had my first field experience in Mr. Andreucci's 7th grade science class. Working with Mr. Andreucci was a great
experience because he had a very low le

vel class as well as an "A-track" class. Seeing the different strategies he used for different classes was very valuable to me. He had a kind of teaching style where he was one with the students and related to them very well, which is why I think he rarely had any behavior issues in his class. I taught a group activity using M&M's and classifying objects.

Broughal Middle School
Bethlehem, PA
Fall 2012
My second field experience was with Mrs. Vazquez's 6th grade math class at Broughal Middle School. This was truly a special experience because I got to work with students with disabilities and students who had many issues in their home life. I really look up to Mrs. Vazquez and her teaching style. Growing up in Bethlehem, there was always a certain stigma about Broughal that all the students were misbehaved. However, Mrs. Vazquez set certain expectations with her students and really treated them as adults, and they gave her the respect back. It was my experience at Broughal that really makes me want to teach Middle School. broughal

Freedom High School
Bethlehem, PA
Fall, 2013
At Freedom High School I had two cooperating teachers. Mrs. Evans was a math teacher and Mr. Schoeneberger was the learning support teacher. This was probably the most influential experience I had. Seeing classes with students with IEP's was eye-opening. I learned many strategies at Freedom to help students with disabilities. On the other hand, I was also with an Honors Algebra 2 class, so I really got to see the juxtaposition and range of all the students I may have someday.

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