My first field experience was at Farmersville Elementary School in the Bethlehem Area School District.  I observed Mrs. Zupper's fourth grade class.  Beginning this experience, I was excited, but also nervous and very unsure as to what to expect.  Quickly, I adjusted to the environment and adapted to the lifestyle of being a teacher.  The experience opened my eyes to the ups and downs of teaching.  I learned that some of my biggest strengths were having an great deal of patience, strong listening skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with the class and my cooperating teacher.  I also learned that a flaw of mine was holding back and waiting for my cooperating teacher to ask me to do things, rather than knowing to do them on my own.  All in all, although the experience was a bit of a wake up call, it further confirmed my love of educating and assured me that working in a school is the job for me.

My second field experience was at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in the Bethlehem Area School District.  I observed Mr. Craven's kindergarten class.  This field experience was extremely enjoyable.  I learned that I really enjoy the kindergarten age level.  The students, although difficult at times, were so eager to learn and seemed to really appreciate their teacher.  I firmly believe that my cooperating teacher at this school was one of the best I have ever observed.  He worked fantastically with the students and also taught me so many things pertaining to teaching that I will never forget.  Not only on a professional level, Mr. Craven reached out to me as a friend, asking me about my life and offering advice where necessary.  This school was open concept, meaning that there were no walls or doors seperating classrooms.  None of my school experiences were like that so I was glad I got to see what that was like first hand.  I also got to meet with the guidance counselor at this school and check out what her job was like on a daily basis.



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