Educational Experiences

William Penn Elementary School
William Penn Elementary School My first Field Experience at Moravian College was at William Penn Elementary School. I was in Mrs. Muth's kindergarten classroom where I had the opportunity to work with students with a variety of abilities. Being my first time in a classroom, It was a very eye opening experience but at the same time confirmed my love of teaching.

James Buchanan Elementary
James Buchanan ElementaryMy second Field Experience was in Mr. Bellucci's fourth grade class at James Buchanan Elementary School. I visited Mr. Bellucci's class twice a week for ten weeks of the semester. In this experience I was given the opportunity to teach two lessons to the class. The first lesson I taught was a math lesson on place value. I worked with the students to label and identify different places values and the meanings behind them. The second lesson I taught was a more hands-on lesson as we worked to build small baskets before Thanksgiving. Both lesson were an interesting and exciting challenge that helped me to grow as a teacher.

East Hills Middle School
East Hills Middle SchoolMy third field experience was located at East Hills Middle School in Mrs. Dutt's life skills classroom. This classroom experience was much different than my two prior as I was not only working with middle school students, but also 6th, 7th and 8th grade students all in the same classroom. During this experience I was able to facilitate many hands-on activities. Also, every Thursday, our class went out into the community as a part of class and this allowed the students to make real world connections with what they were learning in the classroom.

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