As part of my Educational Experience at Moravianb College I          have participated in three different Bethlehem classrooms.

Moravian Academy Middle School
Mrs. Rohmann's 7th Grade Class


For my first field experience at Moravian College, I was placed in Kathy Rohmann's 7th grade U.S history class at Moravian Academy Middle School.  In the class my main responsibility was to observe Mrs. Rohmann, while I was often asked to assist in aiding certain students.

Fountain Hill Elementary School
  Ms. Nelson's 5th Grade Class


For my second field experience I was placed in Ms. Nelson's fifth grade class at Fountain Hill Elementary School.  In Ms. Nelson's Class I was responsible for aiding certain students, proctoring exams, and monitoring a classroom while students participated in the Read 180 program.

Nitschmann Middle School
Ms. Hriniak and Mrs. Somers 7th Grade Class


My most recent field experience I was placed in Ms. Hriniak and Mrs. Somer's seventh grade World History Class.  As the class had over forty students, I was responsible for working with a group of students who all had various organizational and learning disabilities.

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