Educational Experiences

March Elementary
March Elementary School
During January 2010-March 2010 I was placed at March Elementary School for field experience at Lafayette. I worked with Ms. Ely's 3rd grade classroom.  While there, I observed a lot.  I was also able to teach three lessons.  One of the lessons was video-taped and I got to see how I teach. It was a wonderful experience.

Palmer Elementary SchoolPalmer Elementary
While at Lafayette College, I had the opportunity to be an "intern" at Palmer Elementary in the fall of 2010.  I acted mostly as a teacher's aide for 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Murgia. I helped students who were struggling and graded a lot of papers.  Occasionally, I helped create learning centers and I taught a few lessons.

Fountain Hill Elementary School
In the fall 2011 semester at Moravian, I was placed at Fountain Hill Elementary School where I did over 40 hours of field experience.  I taught three lessons and helped students who were struggling with reading. I was working fountain hill
            elementarywith Mrs. Dolak and her 2nd graders at Fountain Hill which was a great experience because the 2nd grade area is completely open.  There are no doors.  I learned to become very flexible when teaching. I was grateful for this experience.

Miller Heights Elementary School
During the spring 2012 semester at Moravian, I was placed Mr. Snyder's 5th grade classroom at Miller Heights Elementary for my pre-student teaching.  I completed over 90 hours miller heights elementaryat the school.  I assisted students who needed help. I also created an interactive bulletin board, an assessment, and learning games.  Finally, I taught eight lessons at Miller Heights.  I had a wonderful group of students and a fantastic time at the school.

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