Educational Experiences
Lincoln Elementary School

My first observation through Moravian College was at Lincoln Elementary School.  I was placed in a Kindergarten class which was a very fun and exciting experience.  Being back in a Kindergarten classroom was very nostalgic for me.  In the classroom I helped the students with everything from reading and wring to tying their shoes!  Even though I initially did not want to be in a Kindergarten classroom I was able to learn so much and be able to see the first steps in educating children. 
Marvine Elementary School

My second observation was at Marvine Elementary School.  I was placed in a first grade classroom.  Marvine Elementary School is a very diverse school with students from many low income areas.  Marvine also has many students who do not speak English as a first language.  Observing at Marvine was a very challenging yet rewarding experience.  It was frustrating at times to work with students who did not speak English but that allowed me to understand the difficulties that ELL students go through.  I'm very happy to have observed at Marvine Elementary School.    
Freemansburg Elementary School


My third observation was at Freemansburg Elementary School.  At Freemansburg I observed a fifth grade classroom which  I thoroughly enjoyed.  Being in a fifth grade classroom allowed me to help students with their math and reading skills.  It was fun to be in fifth grade again because it allowed me to relearn many concepts that I had forgotten. 

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