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Field Experience 1: Moravian Academy Lower School

     In my first field experience, I was located in a 4th Grade classroom at Moravian Academy Lower School.  Even though I am a secondary education student, I still very much enjoyed working in the 4th grade because the students were starting to become more mature and self-sufficient.  The students were great, and I loved working with them on their classroom activities, teaching them how to use and create a powerpoint, as well as getting to teach an English lesson, which I enjoyed very much since English is my major and what I plan on teaching.  It was a great first teaching experience, and only reinforced my love of teaching.
  moravian academy    
nitschmann middle school
Field Experience 2: Nitscnmann Middle School
        In my second field experience, I was placed in a 6th grade language arts classroom at Nitschmann Middle School.  This experience was more hands on for me in that I was participating more with the children than I had in my previous experience.  I was able to go around the class, help students with problems on their assignments, and I even was able to design a lesson to teach.  I taught a lesson on Edgar Allan Poe, in which I read them the story "The Cask of Amontillado" to show them the characteristics of a well-developed story.  The students then had to create a scary story of their own, using some of the characteristics that were discussed.  This was a good experience for me in that it allowed me to work with students who were a little more mature and who could better actively participate in the classroom.

Tutoring Lab: Liberty High School

     In my tutoring placement, I worked in an English as a Secondary Language classroom at Liberty High School.  This was a completely new experience for me because I had no experience working with ESL students, nor did I study Spanish in high school or college (which was the language that most of the students spoke).  However, in spite of the language barrier, I was able to work with my students, and I came to admire my students after working with them because of their determination to learn a new language.  Most of my students were hard working, dilligent, and took learning seriously, which as a future teacher was a great thing to witness.  This was a rewarding experience for me and opened my eyes to a new way of teaching students.
liberty high school

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