My Educational Experiences
My first field experiences was at Northeastern Middle School in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I was able tonems work with Mrs. Auker, a 6th grade reading teacher at the school. In a classroom of no more than twelve students Mrs. Auker and I instructed students with low level reading skills. I enjoyed this experience because I was able to work one on one with the students to work on their reading comprehension; it is not too often that a teacher is able to work with students on a one on one basis.  Every teacher is a teacher of reading regardless of the subject they teach. In a time when inclusion is becoming more and more prevalent in on track classrooms it is important to be aware of the limited reading skills some students have in order to provide extra instruction and aid. 

govwolfMy second field experience was at Governor Wolf Elementary School in a 4th grade classroom. Although I am majoring in secondary education seeing how elementary students learn was an insightful experience. Despite the stereotype of young students being rambunctious and out of hand, the students in Mr. Meila's class were quite well behaved. I benefited greatly from a group of students who were always looking to help and participate in activities. Like in my previous field experience, there was a heavy emphasis on reading. I was able to engage with students in class reading lessons as well as small group instruction.

I attended my third field experience at Liberty High School in a 12th grade math classroom with my libertycooperating teacher Mr. Radler.  Liberty is a large high school with a diverse demographic, which makes teaching there challenging but rewarding. I spent most of my time with students from various backgrounds including students with IEPs, students in emotional support as well as ELL students. This "mixed bag" of students made teaching exceptionally challenging. Motivation was the primary issue with this class; most students did not participate and even more had an unacceptable number of absences. Most of the students would do the work if you sat one on one with them, but otherwise they would not. I found this field experience to be an eye opening experience to not just teaching ELL, emotional support and IEP students one on one, but also how to bring the group of students together and motivate them to learn. In an economics activity, I had students create paper airplanes to model the law of limited marginal returns, which the students really enjoyed.

eastonCurrently I am doing my pre-student field experience at Easton High School in a 9th grade history class with a veteran teacher, Mr. LaDuca. I am extremely excited for this experience, primarily because this is my first field experience that I am teaching within my discipline. This also will be my first field experience in which I will teach a full unit to the students. I am just getting to know these students, but they are very diligent workers. The biggest hurdle will be designing a unit plan that incorporates activities for a diverse group of learners (10 students have IEPs). I want to include a plethora of visuals such as power points and plenty of activities that promote critical thinking. Hopefully I can make history interesting and fun for a group of students who hard working but reluctant to participate.

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