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tennis I am a graduate of Whitehall High school (2009). While at Whitehall High School I earned a 4.0 gpa and was a member of the National Honors Society, Spanish National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Leo Club and Ski Club. I was also an active participant in Whitehall sports such as soccer, tennis and cross country, from which I earned two varsity letters. When applying for college the only career I had in mind was teaching. My favorite classes in high school was history, not only because I enjoyed the content, but also because my history teachers were the best in the school and always seemed to have a great time. My love for history coupled with my passion for instructing and helping others made a career in teaching an easy choice. grad

I am currently a senior at Moravian College majoring in historical studies with a certification in secondary education. I have taken a variety of history courses in European, American, Indian (Asia), Latin American, African and Native American history. I hope to bring my well versed background in history to the classroom when I student teach in the Spring! As for academically, I am a member of the history honors society here at Moravian and currently have a 3.5 gpa, which I hope to improve by the end of this semester.

   - I enjoy getting outdoors, doing things such as hiking, snowboarding and playing tennis.
   - I have a passion for playing the piano from classical to modern music. I also teach piano to a few students on    the side.
   - In my free time I enjoy playing Xbox and a few computer games.pianosnow


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