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Besides my school work, I always have several projects going on. Since middle school, I've been an avid knitter. Recently, I've even designed my own patterns for bags, gloves, sweaters, and hats. I hope to make and sell my knits. Because I love knitting so much, I've worked in a yarn store for two years learning many new things about yarns and techniques and also helping customers with their projects. Working there has been incredibly fun!

I've also danced with the Appalachian Expressions Cloggers since middle school. We've volunteered to dance at elderly homes and fairs primarily. Clogging is a blend of Irish dance, tap, and other influences. Traditionally, it uses country/bluegrass music, though we dance to all types of songs. Recently, I started learning Irish step dancing at the Irish Stars school. It's a challenge because of its similarities and complete differences to clogging. We dance at shows frequently though- I've performed with them at restaurants and even Celtic Fest.

Along with the Celtic theme, I'm currently in the Moravian College Celtic Ensemble, playing fiddle. Although generally the same instrument can be called a fiddle or violin, fiddling refers to the folk style of playing rather than a traditional classical style. I love fiddling and hope to continue playing with the ensemble.

I've also played saxophone in the Liberty High School Alumni Band for seven years now, since I was a freshman in high school. I've only missed one rehearsal in all that time! Through the band, I've met many new people and played several concerts. For a few years, I also played in the Easton Municipal Band. We played concerts primarily over the summer in parks throughout the area, and also some at elderly homes. Even when my schedule looks unbelievable, I make time to go to rehearsal because it's such a supportive, enjoyable atmosphere.

At home, I spend a lot of time playing piano, reading, and other creative endeavors. Possibly my most ambitious current effort is to teach myself to write and speak Japanese. I've studied for nearly a year now, and can manage basic conversations. I have some penpals from Japan who I met while they stayed at Moravian in the spring in an exchange program. I intend to keep learning and eventually maybe even travel there!

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