My Educational Experiences

Since becoming an Education major at Moravian College, I’ve had the chance to work with several inspiring professors. This summer (2011), I’ll work with one of my professors, Dr. Gilson, in a SOAR project. We will interview parents and their high school age children who have disabilities to learn more about their goals and desires for the future. We’ll learn about what local services for these families are currently available and what is still needed to create a smooth transition between high school and life afterwards.

Throughout the 2010-2011 school year, I've volunteered as a mentor through Moravian College's TLC program. I've gone to Fountain Hill Elementary School for an hour each week to spend time with two fourth grade boys. We talked, play
ed games, designed and made a board game, and other fun things. Also, there were a few events outside of school for all mentors and mentees (from different schools) to come to. Some of them included bowling, decorating Christmas cookies to donate to a local food bank, and a scavenger hunt across the Moravian campus that I helped plan.

During the spring semester of 2010, I observed a kindergarten class at William Penn Elementary School. Although I hadn’t solidly thought about teaching such young children before, they made me realize I really want to work with them rather than older students. I could see their astonishing growth even in such a short time as they learned to write, spell, draw, and solve math problems on their own. During class, I helped teach some lessons and assist the kids with their work, although they taught me a lot too!

For the fall semester of 2009, I observed music classes at Northeast Middle School. I helped with grading, preparing materials for class, and even teaching lessons. I always had to be on my feet with them, especially since I met so many different classes because of their schedule rotation. I was able to use my music skills playing piano and helping with ensemble rehearsals.

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