Field Experiences

ASA Packer
    My first placement was in Mrs. Scomillio's 3rd Grade classroom at ASA Packer Elementary School, in the Bethlehem Area School District.  This was my first time in the classroom and I realized almost immediately that working in the classroom is where I wanted to be.  I enjoyed coming in and working with the students.  This classroom was also my first experience working in a small group with students in need of learning support.

Ritter Elementary
     I spent my second field experience at Ritter Elementary School, in the Allentown School District.  I had the opportunity of working with an awesome 1st grade teacher, Ms. Sanders.  I learned a lot about working in a classroom with children from a lower economical background.  I also had my first opportunity to work with children who were learning English as a second language as well as one student that was hearing impaired.  I truly learned a lot during this field experience for which I will take with me to use in my future classroom.

Hanover Elementary
     I spent my Pre-Student Teaching experience at Hanover Elementary School, in the Bethlehem Area School District.  For my third field experience I was placed in Mrs. Kelleher's 4th grade classroom.  During this field experience I had the opportunity to teach lessons in both Mathematics and Literacy.  It is amazing how you learn more with each experience which you take forward to your next.  I look forward to putting the various elements of classroom management I learned in my student teaching experiences in the Fall of 2012.

Mrs. Scomillio and I
Me and Mrs. Scomillio at Science Day
working with technology

Working with technology at Ritter

Teaching photo
Teaching inequalities at Hanover

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