Helpful Educational Links for Students
Cool Math 4 Kids
cool math for kids
Math games, puzzles, and lessons to work on at home for extra practice.
Math Cats
math cats
Have fun with math, including a calculator to find your age down to the second!
Math Homework Help
discovery education
Videos and tutorials to help with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Kids & Government
kids gov
Find out about tons of social studies topics and sort through them by your grade level.
Brain POP Social Studies
brain pop
Explore culture, economics, history, geography, and government all in one place.
Congress for Kids
congress for kids
Learn about the Constitution and the three branches of government. Take some of the quizzes to find out what you know.
Reading is Fundamental
Literacy games and activities for all grade levels.
Fun Brain Words
fun brain words
Try making your own word search or learn some sign language here.
Scholastic Reading Games
Writing games, puzzles, quizes, and polls about all of your favorite books can be found here.

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