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     I currently work at Moravian Academy in the extended care program for students who need after school care. I have completed three 40 hour field experiences and one 90 hour pre-student teaching experience. My field experiences were all in the Bethlehem Area School District in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. My placements include: Grade 1 at Hanover Elementary School, Grade 3 at Calypso Elementary School, and Grade 4 at Asa Packer Elementary School. My pre-student teaching placement was a unique experience team teaching three Grade 5 classes at Clearview Elementary School.

   My experience in first grade at Hanover Elementary school was very enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this age group. I often read books to the class and led their morning activity routine. I also had the chance to observe them at work in specialist classes such as physical education and art.
FALL 2009

    I also enjoyed my time in fourth grade at Asa Packer Elementary School. I discovered that I also enjoy working with upper grades as well. Fourth grade is a very transitional year and one of my favorite parts of the experience was watching the children begin to grasp more complicated topics such as multiplication with large numbers.
FALL 2010

    My field experience in third grade at Calypso Elementary School was very meaningful because it was the first time that I had the chance to teach my own lessons. I taught literacy and science lessons. My favorite part of this experience was having the opportunity to teach a guided reading lesson. I feel that I really evolved as a teacher during this experience.

     My pre-student teaching experience at Clearview Elementary School was in three fifth grade classrooms. I was part of a team teaching environment in which there were three cooperating teachers and three pre-student teachers. I had the chance to teach lessons in writing, reading, and math. I also taught a unit on the branches of the United States government. I went on a class trip to a Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs game with the class and participated in their auction at the end of the quarter.

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