As part of my Educational Experience at Moravian College I have participated in three classrooms in the Bethlehem Area School District.
Nitschmann Middle School
Mrs. Packo's Sixth Grade Class
For my first Field Experience I visited Nitschmann MS twice a week. I worked with students in small groups, helping with reading, math, and writing. I guided small group reading lessons by offering guiding questions, and comprhension questions to the students. At the end of my stay at Nitschmann, I was given the opportunity to teach a small lesson on probability. Using FunSize bags of M&Ms I had the students make hypotheses about the probabilities of selecting certain colors. The students then gathered data and tested their hypotheses, and finally, enjoyed the M&Ms.
Liberty High School
Mr. Black's Calculus and Algebra Class
My second Field Experience was in Mr. Black's math classes. I spent half of my time in a Calculus class and half of my time in an Algebra class. During this experience I was able to work with a variety of learners at all different ability levels. I mostly worked with students on an individual basis as I circled the room during independent practice to help any students facing difficulty.
Northeast Middle School
Ms. Papagni's Class
My third field experience afforded me the opportunity to tutor two students one time per week. In this tutoring experience I worked with a student with a mathematics learning disability, and an English as a Second Language student. I tutored both students in Math, helping them review and master material introduced in the classroom. I also helped these students in their Science and Social Studies classrooms. The experience was extremely rewarding and will be helpful as more and more school districts move toward inclusion.
Future Stars Day Camp
At Arcadia and Del Val
I have also gained Educational Experience working as a camp Instructor with Future Stars Day Camps. I worked as the All Sports Instructor at the Arcadia University location. As the All Sports Instructor I introduced campers to a wide variety of sports, taught basic skills, and led fun and exciting games and tournaments. I also worked as the Science and Computers Instructor. In the Science class I involved the campers in exciting experiments with content ranging from static electricty, solar ovens, and even paper making. In the Computer classroom I helped campers find child friendly sites to enjoy games as well as introduced some simple programs such as Microsoft Paint and Word.