My name is Danielle Massa and currently I am a Junior at Moravian College. I am an Elementary Education major with a concentration in Psychology. I chose Pyschology as a concentration because I feel is important to be able to understand the development of your students. With my background in Psychology, I believe I will be able to assess my students learning needs well. I chose Elementary Education because being able to help children to grow as they learn is something that is very important to me. I believe I have the attitude and motivation to drive students to not only want to learn, but to have fun doing it. My mind is constantly racing with new ideas and I cannot wait to incoorporate them into my classroom one day.

I played softball for my first two years at Moravian and since my last game I have been joining various groups on and off campus. I am the current president of the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the international education honor society. I am a member of the psychology club. This year I took part in a leadership position with the annual Science Olympiad. I also volunteered with YWCA's TechGyrls, a group for fourth and fifth grade girls to explore science and technology. I also a member of the 26 points tour guides organization on campus.

One thing that I am most proud of that I feel continuously prepares me for a job in education is my yearly work at my hometown's recreation camp. I have been working there since the age of 16 with girls ranging from ages 6 to 12. The past two years I have found myself as a head counselor due to my experience. I really enjoy this job and every year I find myself looking forward to going back. During the school year, I work at a gym, which has really taught me how to balance work with school. I really look forward to completing my education here at Moravian and cannot wait to have a classroom of my own!