Calypso Elementary School

For my first field experience through Moravian College, I was placed at Calypso Elementary School in the Bethlehem School District. I worked with Ms. Venable in her kindergarten classroom. During this experience, I learned a great deal about kindergarteners and the way they learn. It was a great experience getting to know the kindergarteners and working a school environment for the first time.



My second field placement through Moravian College was at Marvine Elementary School. Here I worked with Dr. Garcia in third grade. I enjoyed working with a higher grade in elementary school. During this time, I also experienced PSSA testing, which was very eye-opening. 
Marvine Elementary School


Liberty High School

For my current field placement, I am placed at Liberty High School in an ESL classroom, working with Ms. Colom. Through this experience, I have been tutoring students at the high school level in English. So far, this experience has been very eye-opening and rewarding.

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