Teaching Experience

William Penn Elementary, Bethlehem, PAwilliam penn
Early Field Experience, 4th Grade (September-December 2011)

I had my first ever field experience at William Penn Elementary School. I observed Mrs. Rudohlph's 4th grade Reading and Math class. At William Penn, I experienced a new kind of classroom, an open classroom where there were no walls or doors between each "classroom". This was something that I had to get used to, but it was very neat to observe. The students have to learn how to tune out distractions and focus on what their teacher is saying. I truly enjoyed being a pre-service teacher here and I learned a lot about how much patience a teacher truly must have. I got to teach a couple of lessons and conduct class activities during my time at William Penn.

Middle School, Bethlehem PA
Early Field Experience, 6th Grade Special Education Reading (February-April 2012)

nitschmannMy second field experience was at Nitschmann Middle School. I observed Mrs. Dugan's 6th grade Special Education Reading class. I cherish this experience more than any of my other ones, because Mrs. Dugan showed me how to work with students that have special needs. Her philosophy was to push her students "up and out", instead of helping them with every problem they had. It is because of this positive experience that I want to become a Special Education teacher. Mrs. Dugan truly opened my eyes to new possibilities and new ways of teaching. I taught many small group lessons at Nitschmann and conducted various activities involving spelling words.

Moravian Academy Middle School, Bethlehem PA

Early Field Experience, 8th Grade Math Class (September-December 2012)moravian academy

My third field experience was at Moravian Academy Middle School. I observed Mrs. Overdorf's 8th grade Algebra class. This experience opened my eyes to the many challenges I will have to face as a Math teacher. I truly enjoyed watching how Mrs. Overdorf pushed her students to figure out problems on their own, instead of just giving them the answer. I had the opportunity to teach an Algebra lesson and conduct activities that aligned with math. I become well acquainted to the Smartboard in Mrs. Overdorf's room, as I used it to help Mrs. Overdorf as she taught. Whenever students had a question, Mrs. Overdorf would have me try my best to answer it. I really enjoyed this experience and learned so much from observing Mrs. Overdorf.



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