Educational Links
Fact Monster

Fact Monster is a website that provides facts and information oriented around the needs of children. This website is wonderful for children to play educational games and quizzes, a homework center, and is an online thesaurus! This website offers a fantastic science section for children that has information from any type of science topic!
National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a website that offers children games, videos, animals & pets, photos, countries, fun stuff, community, and news for children to explore from the website. There are many links from the website for children to explore what is popular in the world!
NASA Kid's Club

NASA Kid's Club is a wonderful science and space website for children. If the home page with the flash version is too much for the child, then change the home page to the "Text Only Site" for all text. This website has awesome features with game with five levels, art activities, and what is happening now in space!
Stuart J. Murphy

Start J. Murphy is a Children's author who focuses on math. His website allows children to out math into context of stories based on real life experiences. This website has activies, visual learning, and is for teachers as well!
Math Playground

Math Playground is a wonderful educational website for elementary and middle school students. This website offers math games, word problems, logic puzzles, and math videos. This website is a great tool for children who need help with homework and math practice by using the flashcards link!
Math is Fun

Math is Fun is a wonderful website for elementary students that can either focus on numbers, algebra, geometry, data, measure, puzzles, games, and a dictionary. This website offers any math area for a child to learn and practice their math skills.
Language Arts
Jerry Pallotta

Jerry Pallota is a Children's author specializing in children's alphabet books. This website offers a list of all of Jerry Pallotta's alphabet books ranging from, The Icky Bug, The Dinosaur, The Ocean, The Beetle Alphabet Books. Besides alphabet books, this website offers wonderful math books involving fractions, multiplication, and shapes. There is a fun and games section on the website that is great for children as well!
Fun Brain

Fun Brain is a website for elementary children that focuses on words, spelling, and writing. This website is very educational because there are many different areas for children to study words and spelling. This website offers games and links to write your very own story!
Kids Spell

Kids Spell is a website focused on spelling. This website offers spelling lists, or children to create their own spelling lists. There are spelling games for all elementary level students. Children can practice their spelling basics which is essential for elementary students.

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