My Educational Expierences

For my first educational field experience I was at Moravian Academy Middle School in a 7th grade classroom. At Moravian Academy, I observed Mrs. Faul's 7th grade science classroom. It was a wonderful first experience in Mrs. Faul's classroom!

For my second educational experience I was at Broughal Middle School in a Middle Literacy Prep. classroom with 5th grade ELL students. Ms. Lawrence was my cooperating teacher in the 5th grade classroom focusing on phonics and reading. I loved working with ELL students and was actively involved with the students.

For my third educational field experience I was at Miller Heights Elementary School in a 1st grade classroom. Ms. Poole was my cooperating teacher and focused on reading, writing, and spelling during my observation time. I loved being involved in the classroom with the 1st grade students and teaching a younger grade.

Currently, in my pre-student teaching experience I am at Donegan Elementary School in a 4th grade classroom. My cooperating teacher is Mrs. Burgos-Halm and is an excellent teacher! Throughout my time at Donegan, it is amazing to see the students develope their reading, writing, and speaking skills each week and become better students!

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