All About Me!

Basic Information:

Hello! My name is Hilary Murray and I am a Junior at Moravian College. I am majoring in Sociology and Elementary Education. I have lived in Clinton, New Jersey all of my life with my parents, two older brothers, younger sister, and loved every minute of it! I attended North Hunterdon High School and graduated in 2008. I will graduate from Moravian College in May of 2012.


I applied to Moravian College early decision because I loved how much Moravian has to offer. I have been a member of the Moravian College Women's Basketball Team for the past three years. I will be traveling to Munich, Prague, and Vienna the end of May 2011 for our basketball trip to play throughout Europe! I am also a member of SAAC which stands for Student Athletic Advisory Committee. I have also been involved with Relay for Life on campus.

More Information:

Outside of Moravian, I have been working with children through basketball camps since I was thirteen years old. I have always loved working with children and work the basketball camps that Coach Spirk has every summer at Moravian College.

I have always loved all sports growing up and played every sport until I had to choose three sports once I got to middle school. I chose soccer, basketball, and softball, but continue playing basketball for Moravian.

My family, friends, and teammates mean everything to me and have supported me throughout my entire life. I plan to bring the same support I have always gotten to my future classroom!

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