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Dr. Math
This webiste gives students extra help with math formulas for elemenary schook, middle school, high school, and college.

This website gives students extra math  and reading practice through gamesm books, and comics.
Cool Math 4 Kids
Cool Math for Kids is a place for students to go to practice their math skills.  It has applications and games for students to access to practice their addition, multiplication, and subtraction, just to name a few.  It also has prealgebra lessons and math flash cards for students to practice their math skills.
Giggle Poetry
Giggle poetry is a site for students to work on their writing skills.  It has fill-in-the-blank poems so students can practice, but it also has a "poetry class" for students to learn how to write giggle poetry.  This site is extremely helpful for young writers to build their poetry skills.
Star fall is a site for young readers to work on their reading skills.  It begins with the ABC's and proceeds up to fiction, non-fiction, folk tales, and much more!
America's Story

America's Story is a website for students to broaden their American history skills.  On this site there are different links for student to explore.  Students can use these links to jump back in time, explore the states, join America at play, and sing.
Kids Know It Through this website students can access educational activities, games, movies, and music.  This website is free of charge and has a variety of materials for learners of all ages.  It also features all subjects and links to websites pertaining to these subjects.
Scholastic Teachers
This website is geared towards teachers.  It has resources for teachers to buy, strategies and ideas, and tools for teachers to use in their lessons.
Kid's Astronomy
This website allows students to become acquainted with the solar system and the planets.  It also helps students brush up on their facts for each planet and their characteristics.
Nasa Kids' Club
This website helps students become acquainted with NASA and provides students with different space games.  It helps students explore outerspace while having fun!  It also uses common characters from children's shows, such as ELMO and Buzz Lightyear, to attract young learners.
Kids Biology
Kid's Biology helps students learn about the Earth and its inhabitants.  It also teaches students about Earth's Biomes, viruses, genetics, and the classification system.  This website can help students study for tests and broaden their science horizons!

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