Educational Experiences

Spring 2010: Moravian Academy

My first field experience was at Moravian Academy.  At this field experience I observed second grade teacher, Mrs. Beth Matlock.  I was in the classroom for two days a week.  Throughout this field experience I taught one lesson and worked with small groups on a daily basis.  I enjoyed this field experience very much!
lincoln elementary school

Fall 2010: Lincoln Elementary

 My second field experience was at Lincoln Elementary.  At this field experience I observed third grade teacher, Mrs. Anderko.  I was in her classroom twice a week for the fall semester.  In this field experience I worked with small groups in math and reading.  It was a very rewarding experience.


Fall 2011: James Buchanan Elementary

During the fall 2011 semester, I spent two hours a week for the semester with Kindergarten teacher Mrs. D’Emilio.  During this field experience I worked with PM kindergarten.  I spent as many extra hours as I could work with Mrs. D’Emilio in the classroom even when her students weren’t there.  I taught lessons and guided reading in this experience and gained an immense amount of knowledge.
james buchanan
              elementary school
Spring 2012: James Buchanan Elementary

During the spring 2012 semester, I have worked with Mrs. Hudak in third grade.  I have taught lessons for all subjects, created centers, and assessments.  This has been a very successful field experience and I have grown immensely from what I have learned throughout this experience.  Also, with the help of Mrs. Hudak, I have seen every aspect of the school system and what it's like to be a teacher.  I feel as if this field experience has really prepared me for student teaching and I cannot wait!


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