Educational Experiences...
My first experience in a classroom was at Fountain Hill Elementary School. I was placed in a kindergarten class, and my cooperating teacher was Miss Guerierro. Since it was my first early field experience, I did not know exactly what to expect. My cooperating teacher was exteremely helpful with answering all of my questions or concerns pertaining to teaching. With Miss Guerriero's kindergarten class, I was able to help the students in kid writing and center workshops. I learned that a teacher must be very energetic to motivate students, and have patience while teaching new topics and techniques. Overall, I had a wonderful experience; the young children were such a pleasure to work with!
This is Fountain Hill Elementary School, a school in the Bethlehem Area School District
My second early field experience was at Nitschmann Middle School, where I was placed in a 6th grade classroom. I was so happy to receive a placement in a middle school because I would get a real sense of what to expect when I have my own classroom. My cooperating teacher was Miss Wertman, a Moravian College alumni. Miss Wertman was extremely beneficial to my growth and development as a teacher. Miss Wertman kept me actively involved with the students throughout my time in her classroom. I worked one on one with students during the Read 180 program and while reviewing lessons and notes with students who were absent. With the entire class, I used an elmo projector to deliver notes on various math topics, presented a few warm up activities, and hosted a Jeopardy game. I also participated in the school's "no place for hate" program in which the students, teachers, and myself decorated the outside fence of the school building. Miss Wertman had a co-teacher in her classroom who was certified in special education; I had never seen co-teaching prior to this experience, but it worked out well! I have recently learned that co-teaching is becoming more common in schools, so I am thankful that I got a taste of it during this field experience. I learned so much from Miss Wertman and I would like to implement some of her techniques in my future classroom.
This is Nitschmann Middle School also a school in the Bethlehem Area School District
Other Experiences with children...
Throughout high school, I was a camp counselor at "Camp Olympic", a softball clinic held near Allentown, Pa. As a camp counselor, I worked with softball players ages 5-15. I taught the girls various aspects of the game of softball. I was able to demonstrate several lesoons on hitting, fielding, and catching. I feel as though working as a camp counselor has prepared me for coaching in the future.
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