About Me...
My name is Kelly Maressa and I am currently a junior at Moravian College, a small liberal Arts college located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I am working toward a degree in Mathematics with a certification in Secondary Education. I have always had a passion for teaching others, and I look forward to having my own classroom one day.

Driving home from college is not too long because I live in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Family is important to me, so I chose Moravian to be close to my loved ones. I have two siblings; my older Brother Ryan and younger sister Abby, both of whom mean the world to me. We have three cats, Nikia, Tigger, and Toby, who are part of our family. They are so cute and I definitely miss them when I am away at college.

I graduated with honors from William Allen High School in 2006. Go Canaries! I played softball for four years and basketball for two. I was captain of the softball team my junior and senior year, and president of the Student Government Association in my senior year. I was also a member of the National Honor Society, Theatre Academy, and Volunteers In Motion. I had an amazing experience at Allen, and if given the opportunity, I would like to return to teach mathematics and coach softball.

For the past three years, I have been part of the Moravian Women's Softball Team. Each year we work extremely hard during practice and our conditioning workouts so that we can compete and win a national championship. We came pretty close my freshman year, as we made it all the way to the Division 3 World Series. Although we did not win, to be 1 in 8 teams out of 400 was an incredible accomplishment!

My sister and I always have so much fun together. She is the best!
Here is the Moravian Softball Team after we won the conference championship game in 2008. My brother and I are holding two of our cats. He is holding Toby, the youngest, and I am holding Nikia, the oldest now going on 16 years!
Facts about me....
I love Softball and playing any sport in general
My favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves
I love the color pink
I love summer
I love whitecastle