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Moravian Academy:
This was my first field experience at Moravian College. I was
placed in a fourth grade class. Here, I observed which methods
the teacher used and how she implemented them in her
Fountain Hill Elementary School:
At this school, I was in an at risk kindergarten class. This
class consisted of twelve students who showed to be at a
very low academic level. I helped the students with their
writing using the
William Penn Elementary School:
Here, my placement was in a fifth grade classroom. I
taught my first two lessons during this experience. For
the first lesson, I incorporated literacy in a math lesson.
The second lesson revovled around the topic of
legends and their basic characteristics.
Fountain Hill Elementary School:
I completed my pre-student teaching at this school;
here, I worked in a firstgrade classroom. During my
experience I taught five lessons, organized an
educational math bingo game, made a bulletin board,
and created a learning center on the topic of compound words.
America Reads:
As stated previously, this program gives students the
opportunity to tutor elementary students at an off-site
location. For the school year 2008-2009, I tutored at
Lincoln ElementarySchool. Their after-school program
consisted of various clubs and activities as well as an
extra help session in math.

I am currently tutoring for the after-school program at the
Salvation Army. At this site, we work on homework, play
games, bake our own snacks, and make crafts.
Sunday School Teacher:
During my high school career, I was a Sunday school teacher
for a preschool/kindergarten class. We learned about bible
lessons while incorporating a craft connected to the main theme of the lesson.
After-School Aide:
As a high school student, I worked at an elementary school as an
aftercare aide. I helped the studentswith their homework and
with them during their gym time.

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