chalkboardLanguage Arts                      Lesson Plan


I.  Overview of the Lesson

  *45 minutes

 *Whole class instruction; small groups


 *Fifth Grade


II.  Pennsylvania State Standards

            1.3.5 Reading, Analyzing, and Interpreting Literature


III.  General Objective

            Students will understand that a legend is one type of genre. Students will also learn the

concepts of hero and personification in legends.


IV.  Behavioral Objective

            After students participate in a whole-class lesson on legends, heroes, and personification,

students will read a legend with their group members. As a group students will write what

the hero is in their legend and any personification they found in their legend.


V.  Instructional Materials

  *Chart paper


 *The legend "How Poison Came into the World"

 *Print out of different legends for each group


VI.  Activity and Procedure

            *Motivation and Introduction

                 1.) The lesson will begin with an introduction of legends, heroes, and personification. Students will then read “How Poison Came into the World” silently. After students have read the legend, we will go over, as a class, who the hero is and any personification found in the legend. Students will then be put into groups of four/five. In their groups, students will read a particular legend that the teacher gives them, then write on a piece of chart paper what they think the hero is in the legend and any personification they’ve read. After all groups have finished, they will share their legend and what they wrote on the char paper with the class.



                1.) The teacher will ask the students to write what they think a legend, a hero, and personification is. Once the students finish, the teacher will provide time for any students who would like to share what they wrote. The teacher will then explain what a legend is, who a hero would be in a legend, and what personification is. This will be written on chart paper as each literacy concept is being explained. Students will then read the legend “How Poison Came into the World” silently. When students are done reading, we will go over who the hero is in this legend and examples of personification in this legend.


               2.) Students will be put into groups for the following activity. Each group will receive a different legend to read, a piece of chart paper, and a marker. As a group students will read the legend, then decide who the hero is and what examples show personification in their legend. This will be written on the chart paper. When all groups have finished, each group will present their legend to their class explaining the hero and the examples of personification.



        *Summary and Closure

             1.) To review the lesson, students will share what they wrote on their chart paper about their legend. Students will say who the hero is in their legend and any examples describing personification.


VIII.  Evaluation

            *Assessment for Students

              1.) The students’ comprehension will be assessed through the sharing of each group’s legend.





Lesson Plan