Educational Experiences

William Penn Elementary School
William Penn was my first field experience, and it was a great one! I was in an awesome fifth grade classroom. I was able to work with students one on one for the most part and provide them with help they needed when my cooperating teacher was busy.
Nitchmann Middle School
When I went to Nitchmann I was in a sixth grade Language Arts class and I was also there for Social Studies! Nitchmann was very similar to what William Penn was, I was able to work with students one on one. I also started to take control of certain daily classroom routines such as taking attendance.
Freedom High School
Freedom was my most recent field experience and it was also the most involved experience as well. In this experience I took on many of the daily classroom routines, such as taking attendance and handing out the "tickets." At Freedom I had the opportunity to work with a group of four of the hardest working students I've ever met. I was also able to create and teach two of my own lessons and finally get to lead a classroom!  


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