Educational Links
Math Websites for Kids
Fun math games and activities for chidlren in elemantary school.
A website that incorporates a fun math game for students to play when they are finished with their school work.
Math Playground
math playground
Great educational math wesite for children. Suitable for both elementary and middle aged students.
English Websites for Kids
Brain Pop
brain pop
An interactive website with information and language arts activities.
Literacy Zone
lit zone
A fun and easy website for students to use when a break is needed from doing thier homework.
Mrs. Golds Class
mrs golds class
A great website for students who need assistance while doing homework.
Science Websites for Kids
Kids Astronomy
kids astronomy
Want to learn more about our Solar System? Kids Astronomy is the place to go.
NASA Kids Club
Nasa kids club
NASA's science website for kids.
Kids Biology
kids biology
A fun biology website kids can use to do research, learn facts and play games.

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