Lesson Plan for Unit

Name: Erica Novoa

Date: 4 November 2013

Title: Vocabulary that Influences Choice

Subject/ Grade: ESL / High school 9-12th grade

Time: 9:10am – 10:40am


Essential Questions:

Instructional Objectives:

Academic Standard:




      Students will be asked to write a response to a question that will be written on the board.

      Imagine that there is a club that you want to join, but in order to join you have to make a major change. For example, you have to cut your hair or dress a certain way. What would you do? Why would you do it?

Student Practice:


Homework: TBA


            The ESL students are on the Intermediate level of the WIDA chart. This means that they can speak the language with minor mistakes, and creatively use the new language. Therefore, I need to make sure that their pronunciation and spelling of each word is correct. After observing them, I have witnessed that the students have issues with using i and e in the appropriate manor.