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Grammar Quizzes
The Grammar-Quiz website is a tool that students can utilize to practice their grammar skills. The link that is provided focuses on the adverbs.
English Club
American slang dictionary for English Language Learners (ELLs)  to help them understand some of the words and phrases that might not be obvious about the American culture
ESL- Lab

This lab allows students to hear conversations about different scenarios that are dealt with on a day to day basis. This helps them learn the common language that would be used in different instances. The link provided contains an example for "A Day at School".
Learning English News

This website allows ELLs to learn about the news in language and wording that is more simple for them to understand. The link is connected  to the article that teaches ELLs about the Uganda's Lions being threatened.
Wordnik is a dictionary that is created for ELLs to have definitions that would be easier for them to understand. It provides sentences along with definitions for further understanding.
Writing for ESL
The OWL Purdue website acts as a way for ESL students to learn about grammar and mechanics in a way that they would understand.
Writing Points
This website is an easy guide that allows students to learn step by step ways to write a research paper.
Poetry Dictionary
This is a dictionary that is dedicated to poetic terms. It provides definition and examples for each poetic term
Greek Mythology
This is an encyclopedia of information about Greek God and Goddesses. It provides myths and background information about the different Gods and Goddesses.

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