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Funbrain - Word Turtle
Funbrain Logo
On this site, kids can enter their spelling words and the site will create word search puzzles. They can select varying levels of difficulty. The students can complete these puzzles online or on paper.
KidsSpell Logo   
Once the customized spelling list is entered, students can play numerous spelling games to reinforce their vocabulary.  Games are available for different ages and different skills.
Spellingcity Logo
This website is a great way for kids to practice their spelling words.  They can be taught the words, be tested on the words or play games to reinforce the word spellings.

Math Playground 
Math Playground Logo
 Kids can play math games to practice their skills.  They also can review lessons on specific mathematical concepts to supplement their learning.
Math Magician
Math Magician Logo This site was created by the Oswego City School District.  It gives the students timed tests on their chosen math facts.  If desired, the kids can choose to be tested on a mix of problems.
cool math 4 kids logo
This site provides lessons to help children better understand their math concepts.  It also offers math games and puzzles.

Science (Animals)
Kid zone logo
An overview of different animals is provided.  Children can select specific animals to review general facts.  Printable worksheets also are available for additional learning.
KS2 Bitesize
KS2 Bitesize Logo
Run by the BBC, this site allows children to study different topics related to living things.  They can play games, read and then be quizzed on the material.
Yahoo! Kids Yahoo! Kids Logo
This site contains facts on animals.  Kids can select specific animals to see photos and statistics.  They can play games and get homework help in the study zone.

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