Spring 2010
Fountain Hill Elementary School, 2nd grade

I was placed in a second grade classroom for my very first field experience. I could not have asked for a better beginning experience. My cooperating teacher and class were wonderful, and the administrators that I met were extremely supportive. Although I do not plan on teaching at the elementary level, I was still able to  valuable experience in a real classroom. I had a lot of one-on-one interaction with students and I am glad I had an opportunity to be an active member of the classroom.


 Fall 2011
Northeast Middle School, 6th and 8th grade

For my second field experience, I was placed in a math classroom at Northeast Middle School. My cooperating teacher taught the most advanced section of 6th grade students and 5 sections of eighth grade students. I was able to see a complete range of students, including a section of ESL learners. My cooperating teacher was extremely impressive and I learned a lot from her. She has been teaching for over thirty years and she also serves as the school's athletic director and volleyball coach. She is extremely involved in the school community, just as I would like to be in my future career.

Other Educational Experiences

I will continue my field experience through Moravian College in Fall 2012. However, I am also involved in other educational experiences outside of my courses in school. As I mentioned previously, I am a tutor to many students at Moravian. In addition, I tutor younger students from my hometown over the summer. I have also had many opportunities to teach children in areas other than academics. I work at a day camp over the summer for children ages 7-13. As a counselor, we help them participate in a variety of activities including sports, games, crafts, and field trips. I also work basketball camps for athletes of all ages several weeks over the summer. Working with kids is one of the things I enjoy most. Whether in a formal or informal environment, I believe this interaction is applicable to my career as a teacher.